James Jean's XENOGRAPH Pre-order Starts

James Jean is using crowd-funding to publish his new artbook XENOGRAPH, the sequel to REBUS.

I wonder what prompted him to publish it by himself though. Shipping to Europe and Asia cost USD $56 which is more than the book itself.

Anyway, this is almost surely going to be funded. So definitely pre-order yours to get the first printing.

XENOGRAPH is a 292-page, 12½″H × 9½″W hardcover, clothbound book collecting paintings, drawings, digital works, and preliminary sketches of work created between 2010 and 2014. It will pick up where REBUS left off and contain a seven-page gatefold that will unfurl to feature panoramic compositions on each side. Of note, it will collect the complete series of obsessive and surreal ballpoint pen and ink drawings done in my sketchbook during this period. - James Jean

Pre-order at https://store.jamesjean.com/xenograph

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