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Rebus by James Jean

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Over the past decade, James Jean has won critical acclaim for his art (including a record eight Eisner Awards in a row for his cover illustrations for the DC Comics series Fables), hosted celebrated gallery exhibitions around the globe, received numerous design awards, and developed a fan base of devoted collectors. Rebus showcases new work as well as important creative milestones—including the eerie dreamscapes of his oil paintings, the elaborate installations and animations he created for Prada in 2008, his gorgeous illustration work, as well as never-before-published pages from his detailed sketchbooks. Page after page, this monumental book reveals new ideas and explorations from an artist whose voice, influence, and vision remain simply unparalleled.

James Jean was born in Taiwan in 1979 and currently lives in Los Angeles. He graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts in 2001. Highlights of his groundbreaking illustration career include work for such clients as the New York Times, Atlantic Records, and Nike, as well as a series of elaborate wallpaper installations for fashion icon Prada. Since 2007, Jean has focused his career on fine art painting, book projects, and gallery exhibitions.


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Ah! James Jean! :O
Any rough idea when this will be released?

Seems to be worth reading. I think release date is September 07, 2011.

James Jean is simply the best visionary artist in the world. He's also cool as hell. His mind-blowing moleskine work is some of my favorite. I have FABLES, & KINDLING. I still need RIFT, & I can't wait for REBUS..

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