Book Review: Art of Ratatouille

The Art of Ratatouille

This is my fifth art book from Pixar.

In typical Pixar art book fashion, the pages are filled with concept drawings, visualizations and the thought process that went behind the production of Ratatouille. Through these pages, you'll come to a realization that their success is no fluke.

The creators travelled to France to research on the restaurants, food and the people. The effort and level of detail they put into the research can be clearly seen from the artwork from the book. The concept art and renders of the food in 3D made me imagine how they will taste if they were actually real.

You'll be able to see a lot of character designs for the humans as well as the rats. Sculpted models are also provided in photos. The storyboards, as you'll see plenty, are followed strictly in the movie. The compositions and lighting are the art form itself.

This book is filled with life and food, just like the movie. It makes for a perfect coffee table book.

Stocks do run out for art books, even from So if you're into buying artbooks, do so fast. You really don't want to miss this, especially if you're a Pixar fan.


The Art of Ratatouille is available at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | JP | CN)

The Art of Ratatouille - 01

The Art of Ratatouille - 02

The Art of Ratatouille - 03

The Art of Ratatouille - 04

The Art of Ratatouille - 05

The Art of Ratatouille - 06

The Art of Ratatouille - 07

The Art of Ratatouille - 08

The Art of Ratatouille - 09

The Art of Ratatouille - 10

The Art of Ratatouille - 11

The Art of Ratatouille - 12

The Art of Ratatouille - 13

The Art of Ratatouille - 14

The Art of Ratatouille - 15

The Art of Ratatouille - 16

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We have this book and The Art of Wall-E. Out of the other "art of" Pixar books, which would you say is the best that we don't have? They all look so good that it's hard to choose. I really appreciate your reviews, by the way!

Hi Parka,

I live in the UK and I am looking for a copy of 'The Art of Ratatouille'. It seems to be out of stock everywhere.

Do you know where I could get a copy?


Thanks that's great.
I will probably check a few shops etc and then will probably buy from Canada.

Parka, is there more traditional art in this book in comparison to "The Art of Up"? While I really enjoyed that book I must say there was a lack of pastels and paintings, and I'd like to know if "The Art of Ratatouille" has more of those. Thank you!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy, thanks for the review!

Hi parka!

I'm dutch and i love artbooks most of the time when i buy them i buy them at, but this March i will go to London do you now soms good bookstores in London with artbooks from disney and pixar?


I don't know of any bookstores in London


I am a student animator, so these books are treasure as well as reference for me. I have kinda shortlisted Art of Moana and Art of Ratatouille. While Moana has sufficient art and the charcter developments, Ratatouille is excellent in colors and also includes maquettes of the characters.
If you have any othe book in this series to recommend, then please do so.


Hi Parka!

You have just inspired me to buy some of the books you have reviewed here.
Your site is just enormous and very VERY well organized (you must be of the sign of Virgo/Earth)...

I would like to thank you for your work. I have bought those books using your affiliated link. Glad you mentioned that so you can have a little help from us.

Best regards!

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